Crescent City Amusements
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Midway Safety
Safety is Our #1 Priority

CCA MidwayAt Crescent City Amusements, safety is our number one priority. To ensure the safety of all of our guests, our equipment is inspected daily by one of our trained foremen. To aid in their inspection process, they utilize inspection check-lists that are specific to each piece of equipment on our midway. As they inspect a particular piece of equipment, they go down the list marking off completed inspection points and making notes if anything needs repair. We pride ourselves for having a strict safety program and are proud to have an excellent safety record.

All of our equipment is well maintained, both electrically, mechanically, structurally, and cosmetically. Each off season, we spend a considerable amount of time refurbishing the equipment that is in need of repair at our Slidell, Louisiana based winter quarters. Our full service facility is capable of refurbishing a ride from the ground up.

There are also some extra measures that our guests can take to ensure a safe visit to one of our carnivals. We recommend reading the following guidelines:
  • Adhere to all posted rules and regulations outside each attraction
  • Walk, do not run on ride surfaces or midway grounds
  • DO NOT get out of your seat until the ride has stopped completely and the ride operator gives you the OK to get out of your seat
  • Make sure your safety harness, lapbar, or seat belt is fastened tightly
  • Measure up:  Ride rides in which you meet the posted height requirements
  • Do not chew gum while riding
  • Use common sense